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Campaign Kick-Off Picnic

Page recently held a campaign kick-off picnic. At campaign representative, Tiasha Machuga's home, a crowd of Page's supporters congregated, on July 21st, to celebrate the official beginning of Page's campaign to win Pennsylvania's 83rd district.

Over light refreshments, the active team reveled in the excitement of the journey to come.

Airneezer stands with Keigo O'Haru and Lycoming County Democratic Committee chairman, Bob Herzenberg.

From left to right, Linda Sosniak campaign editor, Marte Hirman, Keigo O'Haru, Airneezer Page, Linda Sosniak campaign co-chair, Morgan Allyn, Airneezer Page campaign mixed media manager, Ethan McKenzie, Lycoming County Democratic Committee representative from Picture Rocks, Ryan Butler, and Lycoming County Democratic Committee chairman, Bob Herzenberg.

Committee to Elect Airneezer Page
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