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Issues I Care About

I CARE that our children receive a high quality education, and should they choose to seek higher education, it should be affordable.  Starting out in life with crippling debt is not an incentive to furthering a young person’s education.

I CARE that the families in our community earn a respectable wage on which they can live. Although unemployment is low, the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services shows that on average the need for food stamps has increased over the past year.  Likewise small business owners must be supported by the community.  These companies, though small, generate thousands of jobs here in our area.  They also support state and local governments with their tax revenues.

I CARE about voting rights.  Many of our citizens are not engaged in the political process because of voter suppression and misinformation about their right to vote and the issues that impact their lives.  Our nation was formed to be a government of the people, by the people and for the people.  The right to vote is sacred in this country and must be promoted and safe guarded.  Furthermore, we need to make sure that voters choose their representatives, not the other way around.  But this is happening in districts all over the country which are “gerrymandered” to assure that one party or the other is kept in power.  Fair redistricting must be assured, especially as we approach the census of 2020.

I CARE about high quality affordable healthcare.  People should not have to worry about losing their life savings or their homes or about going bankrupt because of an unforeseen health issue.  This is a matter of life and death and it is something that can and MUST be fixed in our Commonwealth.

I CARE about clean air and water.  The current administration in Washington has made it their priority to deregulate the statutes and laws that have been put in place to improve the quality of our environment.  We can change this at the state level and if we unite with other states, we can prevent crises like that of Flint, Michigan.  In our area fracking is a huge issue and this is something that needs to be closely monitored.  The gas industry also must be held accountable not only to those whose land they are “mining” but the rest of the population as well.

I CARE about gun safety.  As a believer in the Second Amendment, I will defend your right to own your weapons.  We must institute gun laws that protect our Second Amendment right as well as protect the innocent citizens of our communities.  It is our obligation to provide training for those who possess fire arms.  However, our children should be safe in their schools, and we should be safe in our homes and on our streets.  We should not have to fear going to the movies or to a concert.

I CARE about the opioid crisis.  The opioid overdose epidemic has been called the worst public health crisis in Pennsylvania, and the nation, in almost a generation.  It has affected everyone no matter what your walk of life, political affiliation or level of income. This is a non-partisan issue and we need to come together and create legislation to combat it.

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